[SCA-Dance] Music for Petite Rose, The Health, Glory of the West?

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 15:18:26 EDT 2014

Just as a caution, as with many dance reconstructions, you may see some
variations on some of the Gresley that Gaita have recorded, versus some of
the versions we do around here / as have been entered into the Terp book.
 Emma and Martin have done a lot of work going through all the Gresley, and
so they are one source, but I've seen variations vs Gaita's work.

But typically they are quite lovely, and even with the occasional varying
structure, you can still make the dance work with only slight modification.
 (I was dancing Grene Gynger the other day at my practice, and it was
really strange, that either I'm missing something  in the instructions I
had, or their reconstruction is just slightly different, because for each
repeat of the dance I had exactly 8 leftover beats to fill.  I decided to
add a set and turn, based on absolutely no information, and I'm sure it is
wrong, but it filled the time for me and looked nice.  And thus a new
(incorrect) dance variation was born!)  :)


On 13 April 2014 15:03, Tim McDaniel <tmcd at panix.com> wrote:

> On Sun, 13 Apr 2014, Aaron Macks <upelluri at gmail.com> wrote:
> > "The Glory of the West" -
> > There's also a copy on "John Playford, the english dancing master" by
> > John Wright, et al. I don't know any source for this recording except
> > this: http://time-has-told-me.blogspot.com/2009/12/va-john-playford.html
> > of possibly dubious legality
> Oh, I had that!  A bit brisk for dancers unfamiliar with it, but not
> *too* bad.  But it too repeats the chorus.
> I bought
> Glory_of_the_West__Broadside_Band__John_Playford__Popular_Tunes_in_17th_Century_England
> off Amazon.  It's a bit slower ... but also repeats the chorus.
> And I hope nobody here worked on the user interface for Audacity,
> because, due to that user interface, that is by far the most
> hideously frustrating program I have ever tried to use.
> I have three copies of the Gaita CD on order, for Petite Rose.  And
> I'd forgotten they did Gresly dances -- woot.
> Dankyn de Lyncoln
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> Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com
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