[SCA-Dance] Music for Petite Rose, The Health, Glory of the West?

Charlene C charlene281 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 14:44:46 EDT 2014

I was just about to re-post this link. Their version is slower than
Country Capers (1:52 vs 1:26 in length). It's a French LP from 1978. I
can't find where it was ever released on CD, but the keywords are so
common searching is difficult.


On Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 12:17 PM, Aaron Macks <upelluri at gmail.com> wrote:
> "The Glory of the West" -
> There's also a copy on "John Playford, the english dancing master" by
> John Wright, et al. I don't know any source for this recording except
> this: http://time-has-told-me.blogspot.com/2009/12/va-john-playford.html
> of possibly dubious legality
> GunDormr
> On 4/13/14 12:27 AM, Tim McDaniel wrote:
>>> Country Capers has a version of Glory of the West, and if I put it
>>> thru Audacity to slow it down 50% or so, it might be danceable.
>> So I tried it.  My apologies if I get the terminology wrong, because I
>> am no kind of sound engineer, especially with the bizarre technology
>> that is Audacity.
>> Dear Lord.
>> I first tried the two stretch-type effects I could see -- make it
>> longer without altering the pitch.  To get a good tempo, I had to take
>> it to half speed.  But then it sounded choppy and unpleasant.
>> So I tried it just changing speed, which I think drops it an octave.
>> It managed to sound mournful and sound too slow, even though it was
>> actually a good speed.
>> Also, it is very quiet.  They bring in enough instruments on the third
>> verse that there's not much room to amplify it without chopping, which
>> sounded bad, but it still sounded softer than I wanted.
>> The English Dancing Master: The glory of the west
>> The Broadside Band & Jeremy Barlow
>> John Playford: Popular Tunes in 17th Century England
>> it is, then.  Amazon's preview sounds like a decent tempo, though
>> not as nice-sounding as I'd like.
>> Danett de Lincoln
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