[SCA-Dance] German citation

Ian Engle ianengle at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 19 12:25:12 EDT 2013

If this is Germania published by J.B. Metzler (subjects: German philology and literature) then OCLC shows holdings at quite a few universities, including U of Texas/Austin, IU and Ohio State (also UCLA, Georgetown, U Illinois, Notre Dame, U of Kansas, harvard, Princeton, NY Univeristy, NY Public, Penn State, U of Virginia, U Washington--those are the ones whose codes I recognize.)

Guess I should wander down to the OSU main library...


>>From the SCA-dance archives (2001), Urraca posted:
>> > Bartsch, K. (Hg.): ?ber den Tanz (Teilabdruck einer
>> > Handschrift ?Von deme tancze? aus dem Jahr 1448).
>> > In: Germania 30, Neue Reihe 18 (1885) 197-202.
>> On the dance (partial printing of a manuscript "Von deme tancze" from
>> the year 1448)
>If this isn't an early typesetting of the Nurnberg manuscript, this could
>be a primary source unexamined by dance historians. Hunting down a German
>journal from the nineteenth century is a task beyond me, but someone
>should be able to do it. I hope someone can locate this source.
>I found the source online. It's in German and Latin:
>Anyone care to take a stab at what this is?

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