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The term is "Misura di terra", one of the cardinal virtues of renaissance dance.


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Is there a word for "the little adjustments that people experienced in
a dance will make for functional reasons to make it flow better"?  For

- Parson's Farewell, verse 1: small double back and slant the last
   slipping towards the other couple so you're close enough to turn
   your contrary in chorus 1
- Heralds in Love, chorus: go all the way to the other person's place
   and on the beat or chorus 3 will end in tears
- Hole in the Wall in a hallway: balance in and out while the other
   couple is casting and progressing

I'm thinking "dancecraft" or maybe "floorcraft" but I'm not at all
sure.  Googling is almost useless, except I did get a hit for "tango
floorcraft" in this sense.

(I use "flourishes" or such for little embellishments that people
make, not for functional reasons, but just for fun or panache.)

Danett Lincoln
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com
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