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Aaron Macks upelluri at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 11:55:15 EST 2013

In specific instances where you need to correct a figure that moves all
to one side, like the wrap/unwrap in Lencello, we sometimes use the term
"Sequito Schuccio", but I doubt that's going to turn up in google


On 2/25/13 11:45 AM, Tim McDaniel wrote:
> Is there a word for "the little adjustments that people experienced in
> a dance will make for functional reasons to make it flow better"?  For
> example,
> - Parson's Farewell, verse 1: small double back and slant the last
>    slipping towards the other couple so you're close enough to turn
>    your contrary in chorus 1
> - Heralds in Love, chorus: go all the way to the other person's place
>    and on the beat or chorus 3 will end in tears
> - Hole in the Wall in a hallway: balance in and out while the other
>    couple is casting and progressing
> I'm thinking "dancecraft" or maybe "floorcraft" but I'm not at all
> sure.  Googling is almost useless, except I did get a hit for "tango
> floorcraft" in this sense.
> (I use "flourishes" or such for little embellishments that people
> make, not for functional reasons, but just for fun or panache.)
> Danett Lincoln

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