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White,John john.white at drexel.edu
Thu Feb 14 21:25:29 EST 2013

From:  Tim McDaniel 

That's the manuscript that Thea of Jararvellir has taught about, the
Italian dances sent to Germany and perhaps Germanized, with variations
on Vite de Cholei and Amoroso?  Is that entire manuscript available in
English anywhere?

Thanks for the article citation -- I'm busy this month but may see if
I can get it through my local library some time.

Danyll Lincoln


I think the dancers came to Italy and went back to Germany with the dances.

The dances themselves are, as indicated, in Smith's second book, set out in 
grid form with English translations, though the step names are left in 
German (as the Italian step names are left in Italian in the rest of the book).
There is no description of what the steps actually are, but some are reasonably
clear, and others can be deduced from the Italian original.  It is interesting to
note that they didn't try to bring the steps back with them, just the dance figures.

Acquiring the Smith books is an expensive proposition, but absolutely worth
the money.  

        \\Dafydd C

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