[SCA-Dance] New Policy for webpages for Known World Events hosted in the Midrealm

Monique Rio mrio at umich.edu
Tue Jul 3 00:27:04 EDT 2012

Since this appears to be just a Middle Kingdom thing, I wouldn't worry
too much about it at this point. It's going to be at least 6 years
before there's a chance that KWDMS is in the Middle again. More likely
something like 8 - 10 years. Lots can change between now and then. :)


On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 12:06 AM, David Learmonth
<david.a.learmonth at gmail.com> wrote:
> Bah.  I got dinged by the list for too many recipients.  (I thought it was
> ok to have them cced, if they weren't in the "to:" category).
> Oh well, here it is again.  :)
> Darius
> On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 12:03 AM, David Learmonth <
> david.a.learmonth at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Ah.  Thanks for the update Urraca.
>> I guess we shall see what happens, and if nothing else, I suppose that our
>> website can still be a re-direct page to the event, and potentially we can
>> just copy the code over to the new server, and then copy it back after the
>> event for archive purposes?
>> Hmm, may cause a bit of a mess.  Also, no offense to anyone, but I hope
>> that the web ministers don't decide to step in to change things, just for
>> change sake.  They could easily decide to break things, or undo the work
>> we're trying to do / make people's jobs harder, when the whole point is to
>> make a really good looking, easy to work with website, that will save
>> everyone time / manpower / money.
>> In fact, I'm really surprised about this.  They should re-consider their
>> policy, because Known World events will have their own specific
>> requirements more than anything, when it comes to the types of information
>> to be made available.  And they move around so much.  (perhaps instead they
>> should all have their own global websites like ours?  and just get society
>> to be ok with the quality of it?  or that might make things tougher)
>> I guess it is too bad we didn't have this in place a few years ago, to
>> help set precedent for KW events.  Perhaps we can discuss the ramifications
>> with her?  I mean, I can appreciate their standpoint, and we certainly are
>> willing to work with each future KWDS to make sure their needs are met
>> (though we are hoping that the template developed should cover most
>> eventualities), we weren't planning on taking away their ability to add
>> detail.  But I am also concerned that having a web minister involved who is
>> not part of the event, may add another level to any changes required, and
>> thus make it more difficult to disseminate the required information
>> promptly.
>> Darius
>> P.S.  Ok, not to overreact, but hey, one other option is that we can
>> always consider again the option of taking KWDS outside the realm of the
>> SCA.  The main 2 differences were the Advertising, and the Insurance.  I
>> know this is quite a jump for just this issue  (though I don't want to see
>> our work and money on this going to waste), but again just in case other
>> issues come up, as it sounds like many of our attempts to run this event
>> have had some problems here and there.  Anyway, not something to go to too
>> quickly, just brainstorming options.  (whether I should brainstorm such
>> options openly on the SCA Dance list, I don't know.  Hopefully no one will
>> take offense.  As a few of us know, there has been a history of issues, not
>> just at the one we had.  But mainly just that we don't want the concept of
>> KWDS to get weighted down too much in Bureaucracy, since we are quite a
>> supportive group that are highly invested / interested in seeing this event
>> succeed.)
>> What do you think?  Should I email this person?  Perhaps instead I'll
>> touch base with the Board / Society level officers I know, to get them
>> interested from our end, and make a case for us?
>> *snip*
>> On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 11:25 PM, Mary Railing <mrailing2 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> ...don't be surprised if she pushes the SCA as a whole to adopt a similar
>>> policy.
>>> --Urraca
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>>> *From:* Judy Kirk <mizsiobhan at gmail.com>
>>> *To:* MK Middlebridge <sca-middle at midrealm.org>
>>> *Sent:* Monday, July 2, 2012 3:30 PM
>>> *Subject:* [Mid] Ne4w Policy for webpages for Known World Events hosted
>>> in the Midrealm
>>> Hello everyone! There is a new policy statement coming for Known World
>>> Events hosted in our Kingdom.
>>> Beginning January 1, 2013, all Known World Events hosted in the Middle
>>> Kingdom will be -required- to host that event webpage on the Middle Kingdom
>>> server.
>>> Up to now, Known World Event webpages could be hosted either on the
>>> Middle Kingdom server or on a private server.
>>> SCA web policies indicate that when a webpage is hosted on a private
>>> server, the Kingdom Webminister has no administrative authority.
>>> However, when webpages are hosted on the Kingdom server, the Kingdom
>>> Webminister has administrative access and authority to step in, should the
>>> web deputy default for any reason.
>>> Known World Events hosted in our Kingdom are a sense of pride for us, we
>>> have a chance to show our Kingdom in its best light to the entire SCA
>>> community, and that should include the event's webpage.
>>> Known World Events need to have their webpages on the hosting Kingdom
>>> Server to add a layer of invisible protection should the event staff run
>>> into an emergency. The Kingdom Webminister will be invisible to the Known
>>> World Event staff, except in the case of an emergency and someone is needed
>>> to step in and maintain that page.
>>> If anyone has questions, please let me know. Feel free to share this post
>>> as necessary,
>>> Banbharun Siobhan O'Neill, CL, CP
>>> Middle Kingdom Chronicler
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