[SCA-Dance] Documenting Argeers for an A&S competition

Dani Zweig dani at pobox.com
Mon Jan 23 09:25:00 EST 2012

On how to justify a 1651 document - you don't.  There are standard
hand-waving arguments, but the real answer is "Early Playford is an SCA
tradition.  If the judges want to take off a point or two because this
dance is not documentably pre-1650 or pre-1600 or whatever, we'll try to
make it back by having a good entry".

Layout:  I like something like this:
- Facsimile of your source.
- Transcription of the facsimile.  Discuss any differences or judgment
calls if they don't match.
- Instructions used by your dancers.  Discuss and justify any deviations
from the original.
- Style.  What style decisions did you make and why.  Document the ones
that can be documented.
- Music.  Is the music you used true to the source.  (Unlikely.)  Discuss
the differences - especially if the differences or performance decisions
have an impact on the dance.  (For example, is the original likely to have
been performed that fast.)
- Anything else of interest?  E.g. "SCA dancers usually do such-and-such,
but it doesn't work too well if you're wearing contemporary garb".

- Dani

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 12:14 AM, Tim McDaniel <tmcd at panix.com> wrote:

> I have been tasked with writing up the docs for a performance of
> "Argeers" at the A&S competition at the upcoming baronial event.
> I see two hurdles so far:
> - how do I justify or at least discuss English Country dance dated to
>   1651 in an SCA context?
> - what's a good layout for what to consider?  It was suggested that I
>   contact Philip White, who gave a talk on this and might have an
>   example to hand.
> Dannet de Lyncoln
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