[SCA-Dance] hello, i have a couple of questions!

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There are no dance instructions for the Medieval period, but there are plenty of 
references to the social context of dancing. The problem is that such references 
are scattered in works on literature, music, courtly love, etc. Timothy McGee's 
book _Medieval Instrumental Dances_ discusses Medieval dance and music in 
detail. He has also written a number of journal articles on the subject, but you 
have to be able to get access to scholarly journals. I don't know of anything 
online that gives a detailed history. A brief overview of dance history, 
including the Middle Ages, can be found here:


From: Nastasia Di Lorenzo <beatlesfanatic08 at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [SCA-Dance] hello, i have a couple of questions!

   My name is Lady Nastasia di Lorenzo, of Shire Thorngill in Meridies out of 
Montgomery, Alabama. I am the local provost, not the dance mistress, but I asked 
our dance instructor to do a class on Dance (not the method of dance, but the 
social importance of it). She says she can't find anything predating the 
Renaissance period, and I was wondering of anyone here knew of any resources 
predating this period.

Thank You,
Lady Nastasia di Lorenzo  

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