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This is a great project! I think it could be improved if people would
comment about individual situations that are worth commenting on. A
few off the top of my head:

Contrapasso -- There are 2 repeat structures, one with 2 A's the
second time and one with 3 A's. It'd be nice if you commented about
the repeat structures of these recordings.

Dolce Amoroso Foco/Fiamma. This music falls in one of 2 forms: 3
repeats slow for Fiamma, and 5 repeats fast for Foco. Which of the
recordings is which? Is the track named Passo e Mezzo compatible with
Foco or Fiamma?

Vilanella is a similar example where some places dance it at
double-speed, so you'll find music that's 3X slow or 6X fast.

You might want to label all the JJ tunes with 'midi' in the comments,
so that no one is surprised.

You could provide download links for everything that's downloadable
(see Eric P's pages.)

Once again, thanks for doing such a great project!

-- Gregory

On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 07:46:46PM -0400, Aaron Macks wrote:
> There has been some recent discussion of what recording to use for a
> particular dance, which reminded me that we recently went through a 2+
> year project to listen to, sort, rank and comment ALL of our dance music
> (about 1000 tracks).  Now that work is complete, or at least the first
> revision is complete, I thought it might be useful to others:
> http://www.wiglaf.org/~aaronm/scamusic/
> There's an introduction that spells out what out * rankings mean and
> some indexes at the way bottom.
> Note that some tracks have had their names changed to be more standard,
> in that case we usually included the old name in the comment section
> GunDormr
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