[SCA-Dance] pennsicdance: The Future of KWDS, part 2

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 04:09:26 EDT 2011

I'm not certain what the standard number of people who fly to the event is,
so you can let us know.

But as per Del's message from a few weeks ago, I don't think they did too
badly, including people who flew.  To quote his message:

"That's not actually correct in terms of numbers.  There were a total of 145
people through the
door of KWDS in Sydney, 88 of whom were from overseas (US, NZ, Japan) and 25
of whom travelled
from around Lochac.  I have probably double counted some of the locals
because a few people
came and paid for 2 day rates rather than the entire event so they ended up
as two bookings.

I would suggest doing what I did and announcing the event 4 years in
advance.  Then I badgered
people to put money aside.  I think I calculated that $50 per fortnight put
into a savings
account from a certain Pennsic to the start of KWDS V would result in you
having plenty of
money for travel as well as a reasonable holiday in Australia when you
arrived.  Quite a few
people came and stayed for a couple of weeks, including side trips to
Adelaide and Tasmania and
a few folks that went up to the barrier reef for a visit as well.  Plus one
who came and played
every golf course they could find!

Jan/Feb/March would not work for me.  It's too cold for me to travel to
Europe at that time of
year (recall that I live in a city where it has never snowed, which might be
strange to some of
you).  Other than that I'd love to come to Europe for KWDS."


On Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 3:58 AM, Greg Lindahl <lindahl at pbm.com> wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 03:47:11AM -0400, David Learmonth wrote:
> > Plenty of people traveled to Australia (but they had sufficient
> > notice!),
> It seemed to be less than 1/2 of the people who normally fly to KWDS.
> I encourage you to work out the numbers, I remember Del posting a
> summary after the event of how many people had flown in from outside
> of Lochac.
> If we had Germany sandwidched by events in the US, what would we lose
> by calling the German event KWDS? And would it _significantly_ change
> the number of people willing to fly to Germany if there were instead 2
> years between events? If a majority of the Usual Fliers aren't going to
> go either way...
> -- Gregory

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