[SCA-Dance] Hosting KWDS in Germany

Catherine Dean catherinedean at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 20:20:41 EDT 2011

I think it would be fantastic to have KWDS be in Germany (or anywhere in
Europe) perhaps in 2016 or 2018 if Judith is still interested in hosting
when the time comes.  I am one of the folks who much prefers having this
event no more often than every 2 years (I like to do other things too,  plus
giving a couple years between events gives us more time to develop new
research and classes) and with good geographic distribution.  I would also
like to see another US bid from the West Coast, Southwest, or Southeast
since we've been pretty clustered in the Midwest/Mid Atlantic/Ontario
lately.  I don't think that any of that needs to be finalized for a couple
years, since we are now set through 2014, right?

I think having the event outside the US/Canada every decade or so is part of
the fun of it being a Known World Symposium.  Probably the two events on
either side should be more accessible locations, and as others have said it
is helpful to know well in advance to plan for vacation and flights but it
is a wonderful opportunity to get out and explore the world. I know for a
lot of folks (teachers, students, parents) the summer is the best time to
travel.  But if the flights are a lot cheaper during the spring it opens the
event to some who might not be able to afford a high-season ticket, so as
far as I'm concerned that's a toss-up as long as the weather is not too bad
since I assume most US travelers would want to spend a week or so and fit in
some touring.


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