[SCA-Dance] Sca-dance Hosting KWDS in Germany

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For me, if circumstances (both financial and temporal) permitted it, I would JUMP on that opportunity. 20 US$ per night for a bed! Idyllic site! Woohoo! 

That said, I don't know about the rest of the list, but I reckon we all know more than one person who's either between jobs, underemployed, in serious debt, or worse... My coffers aren't as full as they used to be; which is mainly why I wasn't at KWDS again. *sigh* 

South Downs, Meridies 

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I saw my name mentioned in the minutes from the KWDS post-mortem, in reference to hosting a KWDS here in Germany. I actually have a 14th c. site here that would be idyllic for such a venture (depending on how many classes tracks we would run), with a 19th c. neogothic hostel with beds for only 14 EUR per night within five minute walking distance. The question I have is: would it be worth hosting a KWDS over here? How many people would make the trip (for flight costs, it would be better to host it in Jan, Feb. or March)? I recall that the KWDS in Lochac attracted very few people from outside the region. What do people think about attending such an event here in Europe? 


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