[SCA-Dance] Step Spritely Schedule for this Weekend! - Feb 19, 2011

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 11:59:21 EST 2011

Hello to all those interested in Music and Dance!  (and fun times and
excellent feasting!)

Only 2 days left until our wonderful little dance event begins, and we have
Music and Dance classes from all our favourite local teachers, as well as
Special Guest teachers traveling from the far reaches of carrier pigeon
technology.  (Ottawa,  Michigan, and even Rhode Island)

There are still a few spots available for Feast, if anyone is interested in
partaking in this highly researched meal that will leave you satiated, but
not so much so that you can't dance in the ball!


And the Class List is now finalized, broken down into:
- a Beginner Oriented dance track (that will still pique the interest of
even the expert dancers)
- a more Intermediate / Advanced dance track
- and a track open to All that focuses on Music and Academic discussion

http://steps.gyges.org/classlist.php   (this link is to the brief list.
 I've appended more detailed descriptions to the bottom of this message)

Two special points of interest this year in the Academic track will be the
A&S Round Table which will discuss judging and other A&S matters, and the
BoD Q&A  (SCA Board of Directors question and answer session.  Kaellyn will
also be available at other points in the day in case you miss her session).

Also, if anyone is still looking for rides / carpooling, or crash space, let
us know and we'll see what we can do.  (or if anyone needs to borrow Garb
for the evening)  Though fortunately, the site is only a short walk from the
Port Credit GO Station.  In fact, I parked there last year for convenience.
 (otherwise, I believe it was street parking)


And of course, if you miss Saturday, feel free to join us for an open Dance
Practice on Sunday, also in Mississauga  (at the UofT campus):

Following are the detailed class descriptions for those who are interested.
 Yay Music and Dancing!  See you this weekend!

Class info:

10 am

Aidan - When in Doubt, Double Left

Bransles for beginners and intermediate dancers

Darius - One hour of Dance

Come out and dance with us!  Jump in and out as you please as we attempt to
dance our way through as many tunes as possible (no pausing) in a single
class timeslot, faking it and improving wherever we don't know something or
have odd numbers of people for the traditional dance.  Anyone brave enough
to mind not messing up as we drag people through dances on the fly are
welcome!  (may not be quite suitable for an absolute beginner though)
Assorted styles.  We'll call them as best we can.

11 am

Maurin – Beginner’s Italian Dance

A class on 15th Century Italian Dance

Danielli - Improvisation in Dance  (with Galliards)

As many of our extant dance manuals tell us, improvisation is a necessary
skill for a good dancer.  Yet most of us are thrown at it with nothing more
than the dictum, "Do it on both feet."  Yet improvisation has some rules,
and more guidelines.  It can be practiced and learned, and is in many ways a
much more forgiving form than the more common set dances.  In this class, we
will explore what we know about improvisation of the Renaissance, using the
gagliard as our basis.  This is an intermediate level dance class, but
musical experience is twice as useful as dance experience.

Martin – Arranging Music

Music composition for dances where we DON’T have any historical music

12:30 pm

Emma - Gresley

       Dances from the earliest written English Dance source.  The class is
approachable for beginners, but suitable for all.

Rosina - Bassadanza of Lorenzo de Medici (Lauro and Venus)

The class will begin with a review of 15th C bassadanza steps.  Then we will
learn Lauro and Venus, the two dances choreographed by the most illustrious
citizen of Florence. Some experience in 15th-c dance required. If you know
Rostiboli, you'll be fine.

Keja - A&S Roundtable

      I am looking to speak to the dancers, performers and singers about
judging and being judged at A&S competitions.  That will be the crux of my

1:30 pm

Danielli - Burgundian Basse Dance

We have nearly a half dozen non-Italian sources of basse dance.  The
earliest two, known as the Brussels Manuscript and Toulouze's L'art Et
Instruction De Bien Dancer, display a simple, elegant repertoire, with
fairly precise rules of composition and form.  They also display some close
ties with the Italian dances of the same period. In this class, we will
explore the basic form; students should expect to leave the class able to
compose and perform their own Burgundian basse dances as needed.  These
dances are relatively simple, and the class is perfectly appropriate for
adventurous beginners.  Some step work is involved, but very little.  The
ability to count to 46 is a must.

James - "Pennsic Dance"

A New English Country Dance Choreography

Martin - Creating New Mime Branles

     A fun class on Music composition and Dance choreography

2:30 pm

Darius and Others – Beginner’s Ball Prep

Rosina - Master Class on Duchesco

We will be working on perfecting steps and bringing out a dynamic
performance of the dance.

Some previous experience in 15th-c Italian dance is required.

Kaellyn -SCA Inc Board of Director Q&A

     An opportunity to ask questions and receive information directly from
SCA Inc director Kim McAuley.   Kaellyn will also be available to answer
questions informally all day.

3:30 pm

Darius and Others – Beginner’s Ball Prep

Alina - Fulgente Stella (Shining Star)

     A fun Carscarda from Il Ballarino for one or two couples.  I'll teach
the one couple version first and then we'll do the two couple version and
see what a different (dare I say country dance?) feel it has despite being
almost identical in steps.

Aaron - Dance And Rhythm In Period

A pan-European survey of RHYTHM OF DANCE in the 15th, 16th, and 17th
centuries! We will try to answer some of the following questions:

- How did people conceive of rhythm in period?

- What are the different kinds of rhythm that were used, and how were they

- How are they transcribed into modern notation, and what is the difference
between these period rhythms and other modern rhythms transcribed in a
similar way?

There will be something of interest in this class for all dancers &
musicians, although no particular music or dance will be taught! We may
discuss any or all of the following: Piva, Saltarelli, Basse dance,
Bransles, Pavanes, Galliards, Cascarda and more.

4:30 pm

James – English Country Dance

   Playford and other English Country Dances.  The difficulty of the class
will depend on the students.

Margaret - Dancer Challenge

   Like a bransle suite (with random dances) but with a variety of styles
and dance snippets.  Sheet music will be provided for musicians who wish to

Roselyn - All I Really Need to Know about Courtiership I Learned on the
Dance Floor

Want to create an aura of grace and confidence about your person that goes
beyond mere physical skill? Need to know how to impress those coronetted
dignitaries seated on that dais? Just can't get a date? Not to worry—we can
help you with those issues and more. Bring your sense of humour.


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