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Mary Railing mrailing2 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 21 20:25:06 EST 2011

The KWDS VIII web site has been updated with information about the classes we 
have so far. We have some very interesting lecture classes, and a number of 16th 
century Italian dance classes, but no 15th century dance classes at all, and no 
ECD other than four classes on the Pattricke manuscript. So, we would really 
love some classes on early Italian balli, basse danses, Gresley dances, 
Playford, etc. I know that several people have said they would be interested in 
teaching, but haven't decided what yet, or have offered to fill in where there 
are gaps in the program. Well, this is where the gaps are, if you you are trying 
to make up your mind what to teach. Of course, we would welcome *whatever* class 
proposals someone may have. I am also really hoping to have a full track of 
music classes, not necessarily dance music. There are so few venues for 
non-bardic music in the SCA these days.

Below is a list of the the classes we have so far. If you have sent a class 
proposal, and your class is not on this list, please contact me. 

--Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa, KWDS autocrat
Intro to The Pattricke Manuscript
Teacher: Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Length: 1 hr
Description: Learn what the Pattricke Manuscript contains and what it may be 
able to tell us about English Country Dance as an evolving form.
Specifics of the Pattricke Manuscript
Teacher: Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Length: 1 hr
Description: Examine some specific trends and types of dances in the Pattricke 
Manuscript, including how the dances as a group both differ from and resemble 
Playford's versions.
An Early Music Sampler
Teacher: Margett Norwoode
Length: 1.5 hr
Description: This introductory-level program is a sampler of early vocal music 
between the 9th-10th century and the turn of the 17th century. The focus for 
this program is primarily nonliturgical music designed for solo performance.
Dance Etiquette
Teacher: Master Philippe de Lyon
Length: 1hr
Effectively marketing period dance
Teacher: Mistress Tzipi
Length: 1 hr
Description: A discussion/forum aimed at pooling information from our successes 
and failures at helping bring period dance to the fore of our collective SCA 
dance culture. A discussion of and thoughts on approaching this goal as a 
marketing issue and finding successful strategies to achieve a more period 
historical dance experience.
The Renaissance Cittern
Teacher: Aaron Drummond
Length: 1 hr (?)
Description: The Cittern was second in popularity only to the lute in 16th and 
17th century England, yet it has not enjoyed as much of a revival in popularity 
in recent years. At the height of its popularity, a cittern could be found in 
every barbershop; patrons would play on it while waiting for their haircut. 
Learn about the history, construction, playing technique and repertoire of this 
forgotten instrument
Dance and Rhythm in Period
Teacher: Aaron Drummond
Length: 1 hr (?)
Description: A pan-European survey of RHYTHM OF DANCE in the 15th, 16th, and 
17th centuries! We will try to answer some of the following questions: How did 
people conceive of rhythm in period? What are the different kinds of rhythm that 
were used, and how were they notated? How are they transcribed into modern 
notation, and what is the difference between these period rhythms and other 
modern rhythms transcribed in a similar way? There will be something of interest 
in this class for all dancers & musicians, although no particular music or dance 
will be taught! We may discuss any or all of the following: Piva, Saltarelli, 
Basse dance, Bransles, Pavanes, Galliards, Cascarda and more.
15th Century
16th Century
Fulgente Stella
Teacher: Mistress Alina Foxwood
Length: 1 hr
Negri's Torneo Amoroso
Teacher: Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Length: 1 hr
Bella and Bassa Gioiosa
Teacher: Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Length: 1 hr
Bianco Fiore
Teacher: Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Length: 1 hr
Sixteenth Century Steps
Teacher: Master Gregory Blount
Length: 1 hr
Quanto dyspayne
Teacher: Thea of Jaravellir
Length: 1hr
Description: An Italian dance at the Inns of Court
Buffens Workshop
Teacher: Mistress Tzipi
Length: 4 hr
Description: A workshop teaching all the passages of Buffens
English Country Dance
Two non-Playford Pattricke dances
Teacher: Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Length: 1 hr
Description: Learn The Milking Payle and Lightly Love, two dances from the 
Pattricke Manuscript that we can more or less honestly attach music to.
Pattricke vs Playford - compare and contrast
Teacher: Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Length: 1 hr
Description: Come learn some dances that appear in both sources, and learn how 
they differ and how they are the same. Dances taught may include Harts Ease, The 
Gipsies, Goddesses, Greenwood.
Middle Eastern Dance
Bharatha Natyam (Indian Classical Dance)
Teacher: Emine of Flaming Gryphon
Length: 1 hr
Description: Bharata Natyam is an ancient form of dance from the Tamil Nadu 
region of India. This class will expose you to the history and style of the 
dance with a brief lecture of history and time devoted to steps and gestures of 
the dance.
Sha' abi Baby! - Get Down with Egyptian Folklore
Teacher: Stacie
Start Time:
Length: 1.5 hr
Description: Sha'abi is the arabic word given to the music and dance of the 
Egyptian working class. This class is inspired by Cairo choreographer Essam Said 
and will explore the earthiness and refinement of the playfull Sha'abi dance 
technique. Participants will also learn 2 short dance routines that demonstrate 
the 2 basic possiblities for creating sha'abi choreographies. Traditional 
Egyptian folkloric dance performed to contemporary pop music and night club 
style Shaabi grooves to a traditional Egytpian folklore tune.


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