[SCA-Dance] Some images from MSEng 1356

White, John white at drexel.edu
Mon May 10 15:02:42 EDT 2010

> From: Aaron Macks
> That reminds me, pages 36-49 are scanned and uploaded
> http://www.wiglaf.org/~aaronm/scadance/MSEng1356/
> There are 17 more pages to scan and process.
And I've added these pages to my marginally more readable
version, which is here:

I'm in the beginning stages of altering my methodology - so the new
pages have a "readable" version of the sadly-non-professional and
inexact transcription version side by side (mostly consisting of
making those guesses I'm not positive about, as well as removing the
superscript-carat notators and expanding the other abbreviations and
shortcuts.  I've not done this all the way through yet, though, so
some of the pages are as you've already seen them (if you've looked
before now).

> After I'm done scanning, I was thinking of building a document with all
> the pages, perhaps with the scan on the left hand and the transcription
> on the right.  Would that be a useful format?

In my opinion, that would be the best and most useful format!  (You can never
have too many eyes checking transcriptions, and someone is always going to want
to see the comparison for themselves, no matter who or how many vet the 

> GunDormr
        \\Dafydd C

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