[SCA-Dance] War Branle Music tempo question...

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Just pulled out my Orchesography. (War Bransle is on p. 143 of the Dover

There is no tempi changed, there is not need.  However, the steps in the
second half are done twice as fast as in the first half if you see how he
assigns them to the notes.  Ie. A double left takes the equivalent of four
semibreves, (the things that look like whole notes), whereas in the second
half, a double left is done in the equivalent of only four minimas, (the
things that look like half notes) or only 2 semibreves, hence this part is
DANCED twice as fast.

 Also because the second half consists mainly of minimas, it may sound

To speed up the second half, would make the second half ridiculously fast
and difficult, whereas I've always found dancing it as written is certainly
fast and fun enough.

Monika z Gniezno,

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Hi all,
We are dealing with the last questions on the Academy and Dance event and
had a question on the War Bransle... I have heard the second part of the
music played much faster then the first part almost all times I have heard
this performed for dance, but the musicians who are assigned this play it
all without tempi change
I was suprised when I went back to Arbeau and found nothing to hint that
there should be any change so I became curious... What is the reason it is
done so that I have missed? Or is it just a custom of playing as it was
Any comments on or off list are welcome...
YiS,Wilhelm of Northpass

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