[SCA-Dance] Dance Academy and Ball in the Canton of Northpass (the sequel)

William Bornander wrborn at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 13 17:05:14 EST 2010

Please allow for a shameless plug for our humble gathering in the Canton of Northpass of the Crown Provence of the East Kingdom... (NYC area.)
There are over 30 musicians and instructors of dance preparing for your enjoyment. Food is being procured. And a ball with 4 fine groups of musicians are practicing to perform over 80 dances for our amusement in the evening Ball...
I hope to see as many of you there as possible!
-Wilhelm of Northpass

Event website - http://northpass.eastkingdom.org/Dance%20II/DanceEventII.html
Event invite:
Another Dance Academy and Ball in the Canton of Northpass 
Princes and Paupers, Counts and Commoners, Let me beg all to come together on the Feast of Saint Cuthbert for a Day of Dance. Join us as we reprise An Academy and Ball in the Canton of Northpass, in the Crown Province of Ostgardr. 
Spring will be nearing and our fair lands will be awakening from the darkness of winter. Our bodies will be warming to the longer days as our souls are inspired by the songbirds and our hearts begin to think of love… So, as before, we will celebrate this with our most joyous of the entertainments that life can offer, we propose a celebration of the beloved joy of Dance.
We offer an Academy of worthy mentors from throughout our renowned Kingdom and from distant and foreign Lands all gathered this day for the lone purpose of sharing the art of Terpsichore. The day will consist of instruction for all Dancers… whether one is most graceful and refined in our art or for those who are more at ease in Armour and Shield. We also have added more scholarly discussions for those who live our great art to share one with another! 

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