[SCA-Dance] Revel in a Castle/Academia della Danza returns!

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Thu Feb 11 04:50:03 EST 2010

Revel in an all new old castle!/Academia della Danza 

The right noble lord Baron of the Ancient lands of Knights Crossing has declared that his subjects, noble in their demeanour, should learn the ancient art of dance, that they may better grace his court with knowledge of this gentler art. The venerable Shire of Vielburgen, being likeminded, has agreed to support the Baron in his declaration. To this effect, they together have hired sundry dance masters and musicians from lands far and wide to come and provide instruction.
For one weekend, the royal holding of Castle Lohra shall play host to a school of dance, known in the tongue of more refined courts as an academia della danza. In addition to learning, there shall be terpsichorean revels and a ball in the style of the ancient city of Ulm. The lord Baron bids one and all to come and partake!
We are using an all new (to us) site this year, the beautiful Castle Lohra, in Grosslohra, Germany. It has buildings with serviceable beds and showers. This castle is being slowly restored to its former glory, and our paid use of it will contribute to the coffers of restoration. See the website for a look at the castle and for more information about Open Houses, the not-for-profit group who administers it.

Site opens: Friday, July 9, 2010 at 17:00
Site closes: Sunday, July 11, 2010 at noon (including cleanup)
85 bed limit
Classes will begin at 20:00 on Friday July 9, 2010, and will continue until Saturday at 17:30. There will be two tracks of classes, to suit all tastes: a beginner track, and an intermediate/advanced track. Total beginners are welcome!
There will be a formal ball on Saturday evening following feast, which will be a reconstruction of a ball chronicled in Ulm in 1503. After this, there will be a more free-style revel until we can no longer dance. Music will be provided by the one and only Gaita, a professional ensemble hailing from Edinburgh!
There will be a hearty stew provided Friday evening, breakfast, lunch and a succulent feast on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday.
Improved sleeping arrangements!
There are two options for sleeping on site: beds and camping in your own tent. You must either bring your own bedding, or you can have the site provide blankets for an additional 5 EUR per night, to be paid on site. We can also offer the option of some loaner bedding, but this will be provided on a first-paid, first-allotted basis.
The site is reachable by public transportation (train and bus) via most major cities. Leipzig is the closest airport, both by car (1.5 hours) and by public transport (three hours), and Frankfurt, Hannover, Cologne, Düsseldorf, and Berlin are about equidistant from the site in terms of public transport and driving, being about a 3.5 hour ride to Gebra(Hainleite), which is the nearest train station, or a three hour drive. We can arrange pickups from this train station. Lufthansa is constantly running 99 EUR specials from all over Europe to most German airports, so it is worth examining. If people are travelling together, it will probably be much less expensive to share the cost of renting a car than taking public transport as the Deutsche Bahn is not known for its reasonable prices. For help with making travel arrangements, please contact the event steward, Judith.
     We will also try to arrange ride-sharing with people passing by a certain airport on their way to and from the site. Please contact Judith for these arrangements.
Note that these prices include a surcharge to subsidize the cost of the professional musicians’ travel as they are flying here from Scotland merely to play for our pleasure! The price also includes the cost of utilities for things such as hot showers and use of the appliances in the kitchen to prepare food.
With bed, for the weekend, all meals and utilities included: 
43 EUR per paid SCA member over 12, 
50 EUR per non-paid SCA member over 12
29 EUR per child 7-12 (with bed - Contact event steward if your children can share a bed with you or each other). 
For children under 7, we are charging nothing unless they require their own bed. Please contact Judith to make special family arrangements. We are not interested in gorging ourselves on families, but we pay per bed, no matter the age of the person using them! Also, if the event makes a profit, we intend to return some of that to the families who attend, as is generally done in the Frankmark.
Camping for the weekend, all meals and utilities included: 
29 EUR per paid SCA member over 12, 
36 EUR per non-paid SCA member over 12
15 EUR per child 7-12 
Children under 7 are free
Event Steward:
Judith de Northumbria (mka Rachel Lorenz)
phone: +49 (0)6074 211 8045
Email. (judithsca at aol com)
Johanna (mka Angela Smith)
email: kimosabe20 at yahoo com
Reservations can be made on the event website, which will be completed soon. Stay tuned for further updates!
The only guaranteed reservation is a paid reservation (for people within the EU), or a copy of confirmed travel arrangements. Deadline for payment is July 1, 2010. Please transfer the total sum of the reservation to:

Name of Account Holder: Greg Leonard Oliphant
Account Number: 0048130231
Bank Code: 508 526 51
Bank name: Sparkasse Dieburg
Purpose of transaction (Verwendungszweck in German): Academia 2010


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