[SCA-Dance] Maundering about "Glory of the West"

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Mon Aug 23 10:06:20 EDT 2010

On Mon, 23 Aug 2010, Yves de Fortanier <Yves.de.Fortanier at comcast.net>
> Bonjour from Yves,

Morning, squire!

> According to Filip's transcription of the First Edition,


> I'm thinking the open and close takes a bar/measure each and the
> movement for "open" could be [1] branle out twice, [2] slip out
> twice, or [3] "step, cross in front, step, pause"

Is [3] sometimes called a "grapevine bransle" step?  I think I've seen
that done in a few other dances.

> Setting to another dancer without turning - I count at least seven
> dances having that, including Stingo and Newcastle.

I don't know those dances; thanks for pointing them out.  You mean
that Playford specifies only setting and indeed they are danced with
only setting?

> Since there's two bars in which to do two sets, I see two options:
> do it once at half speed or do it twice at normal speed. There is a
> similar situation with "The Health": the instructions say simply
> "set" and the music gives two bars for it.

Anyone know "The Health"?

I like two sets as an option.  Not aesthetically, but that it's
consistent with Playford, fits the ECD pattern, fills the time
available.  I think I did that in at least one ECD dance in a mundane
[1] practice here in Austin.

Dannet de Lincoln

[1] word chosen advisedly

Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com

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