[SCA-Dance] SCA Created Dances

White, John white at drexel.edu
Thu Apr 22 10:35:31 EDT 2010

> From: Jane & Mark Waks
> Mary Railing wrote:
> > So what you need is a "Best of..." or a "Top 10" list of SCA dances
> people would enjoy dancing.
> >
> > Do you count the SCA version of Maltese Branle danced to Shiarzula
> Mazula as an SCA choreography?
> I would -- it's an invention in every respect but the name, and the
> name
> was a retrofit. (I gather that it was *supposed* to be called "Turkish
> Bransle".)
> I'd add Sion Andreas' choreography to Quen Quer Que.
> 				-- Justin

I concur with respect to Turkish Branle (and I wish it were possible to get
the name reverted, especially since the original Maltese Branle is actually
not nearly as hard as I thought it was!).

As a tangent to this thread, though, I wonder how many creators of these
SCA Dances are actually happy about their creations being perpetuated (which,
as I think about it, references another similar comment made here).  I 
understand (perhaps 12th hand) that Heralds in Love was never supposed to be
a commonly-done dance (I could be wrong).  That's one reason why I have not
tried to get my own 15th century Italian creation into circulation (beyond
the fact that I actually gave it as a wedding present, so I don't "own" it
any longer) ... even though it has been "blessed" by one whose opinion on
the subject I trust.

      \\Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

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