[SCA-Dance] review - Playford dance instructions

Sheila Beardslee Bosworth sheilabb at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 18 09:39:12 EST 2009

At 12:55 AM -0500 11/18/09, Yves de Fortanier wrote:

>I include a dance only if I have (or will soon have) music for it.

Bernard Thomas, editor of the London Pro Musica publications,
has recently come out with volume 2 of the Playford EDM
collection, for SATB recorders.  Volume 1 has been out for
a while.

While you may have your own arrangements(s), this is a
handy reference.  Not all are 1st edition Playford.
I got my copy at the Early Music Shop of New England,

Sheila B
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