[SCA-Dance] review - Playford dance instructions

Yves de Fortanier Yves.de.Fortanier at comcast.net
Wed Nov 18 00:55:25 EST 2009

Hi everyone,

I've written something for which the working title is, "Another Look at Some
Dances in Playford" and posted a draft of it in PDF format on my Web site.

Like my similar article on 15th century Burgundian basse dance from KWDS two
years ago, the Playford version also features a Webliography and my perhaps
unusual take on presenting instructions for the dances. There are 35 dances
in all, most of which are in the First Edition of Playford. I include a
dance only if I have (or will soon have) music for it.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. The file is at:
www.therotunda.net/dance/Another Look, Playford, draft 01.pdf

Yves de Fortanier


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