[SCA-Dance] Spanish or Iberian dances?

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In addition to the sources which Eoin has provided, we also know there was such a thing as a "Spanish style" of dancing, as well as dances which were designated as "Spanish". You sometimes see references to "So-and-so and her ladies danced several dances in the Spanish style" or "So-and-so arranged several Spanish dances for entertainment" (Lucrezia Borgia did this last for a friend of hers who was visiting Ferrara in 1503). This leads one to the conclusion that the geographical origin of a particular set of dances or particular dance style was distinct enough to be recognizable even by the average courtier. However, what that actually translates to in practice, we don't know.

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> Has anything been published in English, or taught in the
> SCA, about
> period-ish dances in Spain, or Iberia in general?  The only
> one
> related that I know of is "Quen quer que", and
> while the tune is
> period Iberian, the arrangement was devised by Master Sean
> Andreas in
> the Middle.
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