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There is a madrigal by Orazio Vecchi that is found in Cesare Negri's Le Gratie d'Amore, called So Ben Mi Chi Ha Bon Tempo


So ben mi ch'a bon tempo Fa la la  I know who is having a good time
Al so, ma basta mo. Fa la la
So ben ch'è favorito Fa la la      I know who is well favored
Ahimè! no 'l posso dir. Fa la la   Ah, but I will not say
O s’io pottessi dire Fa la la  
Chi va chi sta chi vien  Fa la la  Who goes, who comes, who stays
Saluti e baciamani Fa la la        Who greets whom and who snubs whom
Son tutti indarno a fè. Fa la la

I can't remember all the translation of the lyrics.


This is a very good version, but they left out one verse.

I hope that his helps you.


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> Hi everyone,
> I'm looking for ideas for dances that have associated songs
> that can
> be used as accompaniment.  Anyone got suggestions?
> Thanks, & Cheers,
> Miklos
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