[SCA-Dance] Not a Known World Dance Seminar?

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 12:31:42 EDT 2009

I do otherwise have my doubts that SCA Inc would turn down a completed KW
event proposal, as long as it is a Long ways ahead of time, and if the
budget seems solid.

In our case, things were running late, and part of that was just at the
Kingdom politics level.

Although there is always the fear that we might get turned down for the
nature of the event, because I found that I did have to do some convincing
for people to believe that our proposal was reasonable.  (especially when
you can potentially do Pennsic for a similar price.  But KWDS just doesn't
tend to be a Camping event).

I think our current arrangement of trying to make an internal decision first
is good, so we don't lose lots of time on competing bids, and then beyond
that we just have to get it passed really early, and I would hope that there
wouldn't be any further problems.  (not that I am opposed to some sort of
reforms to the system potentially, but I do believe that we can work within
it alright if we must).  (Oh, and as long as our internal system doesn't
break down.  That could be quite a mess.)  :)

You just have to hope that you don't have too many setbacks, because when we
were too late, they were basically saying "you can run it in 2010/2011",
which at that point really wasn't an option.  (they didn't understand that
we had to do it, otherwise it wasn't going to happen.  And also that another
group would be wanting to run it in 2011, and that this was our only

By the way, just to bring it up here briefly, in regards to the "Galliard
competition", which I am pretty sure was solely invented to embarrass me,
and just looking at our system in general for the few KWDSes beforehand,  I
just figured that I should explicitly state that it seems that more likely
people in the SCA Dance community had just put for a reasonable desire to
want to run KWDS, and we all agreed to it.

This is as opposed to it being purely a show of skill of dance.  (not that
this isn't a fun tradition, and one we are planning to keep for the Sunday
Ball at our event!)

I believe that Philip White,  and Del, both basically just expressed that
they wanted to run the event,  and thus everyone agreed.

When it came to Trahaearn, and our team, although we did have a competition
(which he was likely to win regardless),  I also had somewhat made a
judgement call at that point that it seemed that Trahaearn had a bit better
support for the bid in his area, and that it would make sense for his group
to run it.  In retrospect, some aspects might have worked better the other
way, but those were things we couldn't predict for 4 years ago.

So I just wanted to put that out there, to state that it is somewhat of an
informal system, but a reasonable one.  I'm not certain that this will
exactly be what it will be this year  (maybe it will be based purely on
Galliard or other dance skill), but if we can all cooperate, then things
should work out.

Oh, and I suppose that this is another reason for having a "learned council
of dancers" or something like this, just to assist a bit / guide a group in
running this event.

Ok, you've probably heard too much from me.  Can you tell that I'm eager to
even help the Next KWDS, after everything I learned at this one?  :)  Maybe
I'm a glutton for punishment.  I just love what our community achieves, and
want to see it succeed.


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