[SCA-Dance] Not a Known World Dance Seminar?

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 04:40:39 EDT 2009


Just as a further followup, I searched my email quick for words about this
from when we were having issues.

Now like I say, this was when we were looking at options of running it as
something else, but assuming that the KW level was to be rejected.  (but
still trying to use the acronym, since we didn't want to change the website,
and keeping the spirit of the event).  Here was what was said:
"yes - the concept of a KW event is owned by Sca Inc and therefore subject
to intellectual copywrite. You may not use the acronym as it would
misrepresent the event as a KW event."

So there you go.  Like I say, I'm not sure that they could hold it against
us if we wanted to just run something else, and make it a very big dance
event.  But I just wanted to caution just in case.

Oh, and one other comment for interest sake.  Now I don't know what is
standard for other KWDSes, and I certainly feel that the dance community was
doing the work here for this event.  However, Garraed, who is Society A&S
minister right now, did offer some help.  Now he is someone with theatre
connections, and he is from my local kingdom originally, so that may have
played part of the role, but he did propose a possible site for us.  (it
turned out that it didn't meet all our needs, but it was still nice to have
it offered).

But otherwise, when it comes to planning for this event, I like the idea of
more having a dancer council or something like that to assist.  I personally
called up several of the previous event stewards for KWDSes, for their input
and advice.  (I just unfortunately didn't realize quite everything I was
getting into on the SCA laws side when planning for this).

Anyway, back to work for me.  I'm still trying to get the last of my info
caught up for next week.  :)


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