[SCA-Dance] Another article review request

Yves de Fortanier Yves.de.Fortanier at comcast.net
Fri Jun 19 15:06:59 EDT 2009

Happy Friday, fellow dancers.

I've drafted an article that I intend to submit to the Letter of Dance.

Title: "What I Taught for the Potluck and Why"

In which the author volunteers to run a ball for people outside our Grand
Society, relates pertinent activities of the days leading to the occasion,
the choices he made for the dances and reasoning thereof, and then gives
comments on other dances by their genre that are said by others to be for

Word document, 7 pages (the last two of which are mainly sources and

www .therotunda.net/TEMP/Yves_Potluck_draft_01.doc

(Yes, the space after www above is intentional.)

Your feedback is kindly requested. PDF format available also.


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