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The Kingdom of Northshield used to have an annual Dance Seminar (
http://home.earthlink.net/~sbbush/nds/index.html) that was held in a
different Barony or Shire each year.  The teachers who taught dance there
never really thought of themselves as a kingdom-level guild, but they did
confer about issues, such as what belongs on the list of "Twelve dances all
SCAdians should know."

Mistress Rosanore of Redthorn ran Dance Seminar for many years.  She was
also the author (with Master Einar Lutemaker, now Mistress Elli) of the Rose
& Nefr dance manual.  The Jararvellir Music Guild provided the music for
dancing, both in the Rose & Nefr dance manual and at the annual Dance
Seminar gatherings.  More recently, they were also joined by the Warwick
Consort of Nordskogen.  Maestro Etienne de Clermont took over the helm of
the event from Mistress Rosanore about ... I'm not sure how many years ago,
six or seven?

Who ever knew I'd be in the SCA long enough to be telling other people about
the history of my kingdom of origin? ... Alas that I am far away.
THL Rochl bas Gershom Sternenkiker
Dance mistress of Calafia, Kingdom of Caid

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 8:48 AM, Jen Kennedy <jen_kennedy at warpmail.net>wrote:

> Trimaris does not have a dance guild, but we do have a kingdom minister
> of dance, whose contact info is on the kingdom webpage--click through
> "Arts & Sciences". Presently it's HL Edwardus the Wise.
> 3 local groups in Trimaris have more-or-less regular dance
> practices/groups, that might function kinda like a proto-guild:
> Edwardus' (and HRM Eridani's) home group the Shire of Ruins in
> southcentral FL, Duchess Elena de Neuham's home group the Shire of
> Southkeepe (and near neighbors) in furthest south eastern FL, and my
> (and Master Octavio de Flores') Barony of Oldenfeld, in mid/western
> north FL.
> cheers,
> Eoin, Oldenfeld, Trimaris
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