[SCA-Dance] kingdom dance guilds

Jen Kennedy jen_kennedy at warpmail.net
Mon Jun 15 11:48:02 EDT 2009

Trimaris does not have a dance guild, but we do have a kingdom minister
of dance, whose contact info is on the kingdom webpage--click through
"Arts & Sciences". Presently it's HL Edwardus the Wise.

3 local groups in Trimaris have more-or-less regular dance
practices/groups, that might function kinda like a proto-guild:
Edwardus' (and HRM Eridani's) home group the Shire of Ruins in
southcentral FL, Duchess Elena de Neuham's home group the Shire of
Southkeepe (and near neighbors) in furthest south eastern FL, and my
(and Master Octavio de Flores') Barony of Oldenfeld, in mid/western
north FL. 

Eoin, Oldenfeld, Trimaris

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