[SCA-Dance] The Creepy, the rude, and the weird

Jennifer Ender jray_clar5 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 22 22:16:48 EDT 2009

If you're doing a dance, and don't plan to do all the steps (ie 'toss the wench', and you don't plan to lift, or jump, depending on your part), please let the other dancer(s) know!  Many men apparently believe that the woman does nothing in the tossing part, and they don't need to warn anyone because they just won't lift, and nothing will happen.  This is not true, and it feels extremely awkward physically and somewhat awkward socially to assist a lift which never happens.

I agree with the thumb rubbing... in general, any rubbing anywhere is too familiar.  Also do not stroke the inside of my elbow, or anywhere else.  Do not make suggestive comments please, unless you've been flirting and getting a positive reaction for a while (or, in some cases, you do it with sufficient comedy).  

Here's another one.

As a tiny female, dancing "toss the wench" is not my favourite.  I know how
to jump, but some lords take it upon themselves to see how high they can get
me.  Now the trip up is fine, but the trip down can be less then
comfortable.  There was once this lord who held me by the waist and let me
down ever so slowly, which actually meant that instead of landing normally
(my knees are just fine), my waist was crushed while waiting to be released.


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