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This one too, never made it.



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This thing on?  Somehow some of my messages have not gone through.  I am
resending them.

Jul 22, 2009 01:40:35 PM, patches023 at verizon.net wrote:

A survey of those who attended KWDS is a biased sample.  A survey of those
that attended and those who have not attended but are interested in
attending is a better sample.  Due to unforseen circumstances, we were
unable to attend this year's KWDS.  I would hate for my opinion and others
like me to be negated because we weren't at the most previous one.  Maybe
you didn't mean the survey to be as narrow as I read it.




Jul 22, 2009 09:12:48 AM, lindahl at pbm.com wrote:

On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 08:40:48PM -0400, David Learmonth wrote:

> Trust me, even with 2 years of notice and at least 1 year of prodding,
> teachers were still scrambling to get everything they wanted to teach
> together! :)

I always do things at the last minute, no matter how much prodding.
But if there was an annual KWDS, I would do a lot more research,
because I would feel motivated to do something interesting every
KWDS. I don't get the same motivation from Pennsic, and no, I don't
think that Crystal Ball or other big dance events fill a role anything
like KWDS. Good dancing? Yes. Classes as good as KWDS? No way.

As for annual KWDSes, I sugggest again that a survey of the people who
attend KWDS is the right next step. We've heard some strong opinions
on both sides; reality should be the tie-breaker.

Uracca has accepted my offer to be the advocate for her bid... and be
the dance champion for it, too. If necessary, I can talk smack. Pick
your champions carefully! :-)

-- Gregory

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