[SCA-Dance] Pennsic Dance Floor construction - Need Help for 2010

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 20:07:46 EDT 2009

I can provide these answers in general, though I'll have to look up a few,
but here are a few quick answers:

> - Who has the keys for the dance trailer?  -  We meet up on Saturday with
Pennsic Tech to get the trailer opened up, so that we can then put our own
locks on it.  From that point, usually we've had the floor person, and
another dance coordinator (such as Gwommy) to have a key each.

> - Do more floor boards need to be painted this year?  - Probably not for
this year, though we may do just a few.  (Thank you to Saltatoris for
painting patterns last month on most of the boards we primed at Pennsic last
year!  Normally we do this at Pennsic, but this time Gwommy took them home
so we could do them, and dry properly).  Next year, I'm not sure yet, we'll
see how it looks this year.  (but otherwise, not planning on a large number)

- However, I don't think we will have to make any New boards next year.
Maybe in 2011 or 2012.

> - Where are the floor plans to construct the floor?  - I can email them,
along with further notes I've made.  I still want to make some more updates
to the info, but I haven't formalized anything yet.

> - And then there is finding scadians to secure (couldn't avoid an "s"
> the floor with battery operated drills. How have you found volunteers in
> past? Are there volunteers already signed up for securing the floor?   -
We don't seem to have a formal process, other than posting to these lists to
let people know it is happening.  We do not have an official signup.  We
just try to let everyone know the intended schedule as best we can, and then
it just varies depending on conditions each year.  (heat, numbers and
enthusiasm of people who show up, number of mistakes made)

> - Who is responsible for the funding allocated by the Pennsic staff for
> dance supplies?  - For anything major (like when we got new boards last
year), you try to make a request in to the Quartermaster a few months before
Pennsic.  Since we bought screws in bulk last year, I'm not expecting major
purchases for next year.  However, as for any other purchases, basically
Gwommy and I, and Judith I believe, have spent on some items we needed, and
then submitted receipts at Pennsic.  Judith will remember who to submit to,
I have the info somewhere.  Then they usually give you a cheque a few days
later that is cashable at Pennsic, or at home.

- If I'm expecting to buy new paint and such, I often get it when I am there
and get reimbursed, but I try to email to whomever is running dance for the
year (Judith) to let her know what we have in mind.  So far, I don't think
we've had any budget issues.  (I've only done 1 big construction year so

> Gus


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