[SCA-Dance] Pennsic Dance Floor construction - Need Help for 2010

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I will not arrive at Pennsic until sometime between late Sunday and Tuesday
so coordinating the floor construction is not possible. Questions anyone
considering coordinating the floor construction will have:

- Who has the keys for the dance trailer?
- Do more floor boards need to be painted this year? 
- Where are the floor plans to construct the floor? 
- And then there is finding scadians to secure (couldn't avoid an "s" word)
the floor with battery operated drills. How have you found volunteers in the
past? Are there volunteers already signed up for securing the floor? 
- Who is responsible for the funding allocated by the Pennsic staff for
dance supplies?


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Hi Dancers!

I just wanted to give adequate notice (sorry it is a bit late) that it is
looking fairly unlikely that Lynnette and I will be making it to Pennsic in
2010, as we want to take a formal honeymoon trip that summer.  (I can
probably help again in 2011 if needed, though it would be good to have
another person in charge for a bit, as this will be our 4th in a row this

We don't know for sure what Gwommy's plans will be for next year, but either
way we will need some people to help with Dance Floor Construction /

If you tend to show up to Pennsic on the land grab weekend, or at least by
the first Monday (or later if we don't end up getting any volunteers), and
you think that you could potentially coordinate this (some lifting
involved), then we should have a few people speak up to see what is
reasonable for everyone.

We have some documentation that can be passed along.  But other than that,
if you think you can help, and want to learn more, then please drop by and
we'll show you at least part of the ropes of what is involved, even if it is
after we've finished setup.

Here is our tentative setup plan / schedule for this year. (previous years
were just on Tuesday and Wednesday, or maybe just Wednesday, but we keep
moving up the schedule to have more time on the floor)  We usually start
early-ish, before the heat, sometime between 9 and 10 am:
Sunday - we're going to try to start on the first few rows early this year.
(normally would have been Monday or Tuesday, but we feel like spacing it
out, since we often don't have too much manpower early on, and we want to
take a relaxed approach)

Monday - more early setup if we haven't yet, or laying down further rows.
Also probably fix lighting.

Tuesday - try to finish up?  or at least get the musician area and bandshell
up I think.  Probably get the sound system up as well.

Wednesday - definitely finish up in the morning for anything that is left.

(this is pretty spaced out.  Normally it takes a group of approx. 6-8 of us
probably a solid day total, that we like to split over 2 days.)

Like I say, we've been getting more ambitious, and also this year we aren't
planning on doing a bunch of Painting early on, which tends to take up more
time.  So for next year, if the best someone can offer is to be doing setup
on the first Wednesday, I'm sure that would still be appreciated.  We'll
just have to make sure the class schedule is set accordingly.

Thanks everyone!
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