[SCA-Dance] The Creepy, the rude, and the weird

Kirsten Garner kngarner at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 22 16:10:32 EDT 2009


I'd send this response earlier, but, not paying enough attention, I sent it only to the original poster and not the entire list. So, I will try again. :)

> I'd like to speak up for all the folks who don't make the constant eye
> contact that seems to be the norm in SCA dance. Some of us are shy (I
> am). Some of us are also trying to dance with a more period aesthetic
> which does not call for constant eye contact. In fact, it calls for just
> the opposite (check Ebreo's description of how a lady should carry
> herself in the dance). 
> So if I don't stare deeply into your eyes the entirety of the time we
> dance together and all you get is an occasional glance and a smile, it's
> not that I don't like you or would like to be anywhere else but here. I'm
> just shy and ingrained in the Italian culture. :)


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