[SCA-Dance] The Creepy, the rude, and the weird

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I agree with all that has been posted on the subject thus far, particularly about poaching (stealing).  It's rude if the person's not expecting it and/or doesn't know how to do it (or the dance) well enough to cope with it.

I partially disagree with physically showing somone the right placement in the dance. I'm the kind of person who must be shown physically how to do things or they make no sense to me, and this sometimes (often times) means them saying, "Fish, like this!", taking hold of me, and repositioning me.  I'm not offended by it, but I know some others are, so it's always best to ask permission unless you know the person's okay with it.

What turns me off, etiquette-wise, is when everyone is larning a dance and a know it all tries to take over teaching in the middle of somoene else doing so.  Quietly explaining something to your confused partner is one thing (I've done it and seen it done several times) but being loud, boorish and disruptive about it is another.

I hope this helps!

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Hi there,

We've all been there and seen it - some dancer that either creeps us out or has such bad manners we feel we need to sterilize after dancing with them - or so weird we want to avoid dancing with them at all costs.

So, I'm wondering: 

What did they do?

What do you wish they had done instead?  Please list the obvious too.

I'm doing a class at Pennsic, where I'm going to try to educate some people who just may not know better.  But, I want to make sure I have an appropriate amount of material as well.  It focuses on ECD, but I'm also interested in hearing other stories.

Already on the agenda:

Hand Holding - low (of course) and no death grips
Eye contact - no bug eyes, staring at a persons chest does not eye contact make, and no staring the person down
Reverancing - if nothing else - straight backs

Lady Jane Milford, OM

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