[SCA-Dance] Fw: KWDS report (What I Did on my Summer Vacation...)

Gwommy 'Bill' Holderman gwommy at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 22:27:01 EDT 2009

I'll go ahead and add in some of my opinions as well.

Although I'd like there to be as many KWDS's as possible, I'm quite
inclined to agree with Janelyn and Darius.  Although if they were
every year, I'd try to attend them(I've attended all KWDS's 3 thru 7).
 Although if I did have to miss one, I focus more on trying to go to a
KWDS that was not in the US and use it as part of a vacation.  But
Darius does make the most sense about not getting burnt out and having
time for research.

Sounds like the time is set.  For Uracca, we can use my phone and I'll
put you on speaker phone, hopefully that would be good enough.  Send
me your phone number where I can reach you off the list.
gwommy at gmail.com.  I can hook my cell phone up to my laptop if you
wanted to try a video conference, we could try, but I have my doubts
that there's a 3G(AKA faster) wireless cellphone signal at Pennsic.
I'd also have to know what program you'd use for video conferencing.
Perhaps we could set a test run to see if it works during the first
week of Pennsic?

I'd also agree that it should move around and be dispersed as much as
possible.  It's also good to see different people and give the locals
a good taste of how much fun dancing is.  Besides, I actually like to
travel to different places.

That sounds like a good idea as well.  It would make running the event
easier.  You could delegate a ball to be ran by each group, much like
we did at KWDS 7.  I ran the Thursday night ball and I'm not actually
from Ealdomere.  I believe it was also suggested after KWDS 7 to have
a morning or daytime autocrat and an evening or night time autocrat to
split the responsibility.  So I'd say that's something that those
groups could consider if they get the bid and we don't end up doing
KWDS annually.

If there is to be a dance, I would like to offer to Uracca to be her
fill in.  Despite the fact that I only live 3-4 hours away, I like
dancing even more. >=D

Yay!  Dancing!

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