[SCA-Dance] The Creepy, the rude, and the weird

Felice Debbage felicedebbage at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 16:37:56 EDT 2009

More Bad Manners and Other Nastiness:

I am grossed out by people (guys especially), who practically lean all over
you and breathe on you when they take your hand before the dance begins.
This person usually has the following characterstics:

1. Bad breath and/or unbrushed teeth. (I'm not talking about the people who
have a bit of parsley stuck in their teeth from dinner at the Olive Garden
before hand or even people with yellowish teeth. I'm talking about a thick,
red slime coat that's the result of going without brushing for *days*.)
2. Monster B.O. (I understand that when we're at Pennsic, everybody gets
sweaty. But there's a point between smelling sweaty and smelling like
something's breeding under your clothes. Wear deodorant, please!)
3. Super-sweaty, hot palms. Like I'm going to slip out of their fingers the
minute I hold on. (Keep a towel by your stuff and periodically wipe your
hands off if you're a sweat-prone guy or gal. Wash your hands when you get
back from the john.)

Unfortunately, I think the people who most gregiously mess up the pointers
on this list probably don't even know they're doing it. I used to date a guy
who was sweet but *smelled* so yucky. He didn't want to wear deodorant
because he didn't like it, and he smelled from several rooms away. I finally
broke it to him that his smell was keeping people from getting close to him,
and he was stunned. Had absolutely no idea that his odors were offensive.

Maybe we could keep a bottle of Listerine and little plastic cups out at
balls so people can freshen up? And a can of spray-on deodorant? (Although
good luck trying to put that under your arms when you're already dressed in


PS. Now that you mention it, Lynnette, that thumb-rubbing thing creeps me
out, too. That just seems like a suggestion of what he'd like to do *after*
the dance-- not a good flirting technique!

On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 4:09 PM, Donna <lgp477 at up.net> wrote:

> Please don't tell a lady who is older, or weighs a little more than
> an anorexic toothpick, that she "doesn't have to do the lift" in La Volta.
> You might try asking, "Milady, are you comfortable with the lift?" or some
> such.  She might just be a professional ballet teacher who has been
> teaching
> lifts all her adult life and actually knows how to assist her partner and
> not be a dead weight.
> It happened to me at Pennsic.
> Freydis
> >
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Good dancing to you!


"Sharona: Adrian, you have to sit. This is a picnic.
Monk: I - I don't sit on the ground. Animals do things on the ground -
terrible, terrible things."

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