[SCA-Dance] KWDS report (What I Did on my Summer Vacation...)

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Mon Jul 20 10:59:01 EDT 2009

Hello all,

So now there are four reasonable possibilities for KWDS that I count - New York (about which I spoke several times in Hamilton), Ohio, Indiana, and Germany.  Would sometime during the middle weekend be good for all?  I'd certainly like to be there in order to present my ideas as well.


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> >So, at any rate, I'd would like to let it be known that The Barony of Middle
> >Marches is tentatively interested in hosting,
> >
> >
> >Good dancing to you all!
> >
> >Ly Felice Debbage, O.G.R.
> >Barony of Middle Marches
> I'm replying here for two purposes:
> 1) In the past, the decision on where the next KWDS is to be held has been made at the preceding event.
> The advantage of doing this is that the bulk of the people who attend a KWDS are then party, to whatever
> extent is permitted, to where the next one will be.  I won't say that there aren't any other events apart from
> Pennsic where there are likely to be an overwhelming number of KWDS attendee-types, but it seems to me
> that having missed the opportunity to decide in Hamilton, we really should make the decision ASAP 
> (remember the timing issues Darius and others have run into), and Pennsic is the place to make that decision.
> This certainly may cause issues with people attending, but we've already made an accommodation for one
> such non-attendee (Mistress Judith) at KWDS, and it's really thrown a wrench into the works.  Bidding for
> KWDS isn't like bidding for WorldCon - you don't need to have contracts already drawn up with halls and
> lodging and whatever.  The intent and ability is what's needed (and even the ability can be mitigated if
> things go bad).  So, if you can't attend Pennsic with your bid (and this is anyone/everyone with one), send
> it along.  We didn't decide on Sydney, Seattle (?), or Hamilton because of the facilities that were already
> locked in - we decided because there was a bid and we wanted to go those places (or, there was a competition
> to make the decision).
> 2) As far as Indiana and Ohio having successive KWDS events - well, while those in that area, and those of us
> who are close, would probably rejoice at that decision, it doesn't seem terribly fair to those who are far away from
> the east-central portion of the US to hold two dance symposiums just a couple of hundred miles apart (and believe
> me, I'd rather fly/drive/train to Ohio and Indiana than Germany, purely from a cost and vacation time perspective,
> 'cause if I go to Germany, it won't be for a weekend, but if I go to Ohio or Indiana it will be).
> It's unfortunate that there are two reasonable bids so close together.  It's also unfortunate that we have to do this
> every two years, 'cause I'd love to host one in Philadelphia, but the possibilities just keep piling up (Indiana, Germany,
> Ohio, perhaps - I can't say I'll still be alive, let alone involved, and or able to dance, in 8 years).  If there was any way
> for those two bids to combine, it might be a better circumstance.  
>      \\Arglwydd Dafydd Cyhoeddwr, OS, OM
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