[SCA-Dance] Lost & Found at KWDS (and Wedding)

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 21:02:57 EDT 2009


So we are just getting organized, and figured that we should put out a
message regarding a few items that were found on site, and a few that we are
looking for.  Also, I have some info on how to access McMaster University's
lost and found, in case you are looking for something that isn't in this

If something does sound familiar, drop me an email, and potentially I can
bring stuff to Pennsic, or Terp, or something like that.  (or if you
recognize something as someone's, please let me know)  (Oh, and I'm not
giving completely full details below, so people can confirm their item, but
I could probably give more info if necessary)

Widow Kate - Lost her driver's license and insurance, in a small blue card
folder  (we're checking through our Troll stuff, just in case it is in
there, since she was helping a lot at Troll, but haven't found it yet)

Emma - Lost a black diaper bag (like a back pack).  This went missing at the
wedding on Wednesday evening.

Found, from KWDS:
- 1 pair of scissors with a blue and black handle

- 1 pair of scissors, thinner, with black handle

- 1 roll polyester thread

- 1 sketchbook  (with info about Orangeville and Monadh in it, so it might
be Emma or Martin's)

- 1 standard sca mug with clear bottom

- 1 pinkish glove with fur cuff

Found, from the wedding:
- digital camera - with some error with the lens such that it isn't quite
functional.  (I can check the memory card later for pics, if that helps, but
I haven't yet)

- 1 gold round curved earring

- 1 set of keys  (I don't know if these have been claimed yet.  They are
with McMaster security)

Lost AND Found:  in case anyone was wondering, yes, we got Brianna back her
digital camera before she left the province.

Here is some info, in case you are missing anything else.  Let me know if
you need me to pick up anything from McMaster, to bring to Pennsic or

can log in online to register missing items:

Or if something else has been found, you can email me, and send info to:
seclost at mcmaster.ca
905-525-9140  x 27093

Hope this helps!

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