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Thanks for the numbers.  I had guessed attendance to be closer to 200 than 150, but it's so hard to tell when an event is so spread out.  I had no sense of what percentage of attendees stayed in the dorm.

I have always stayed in a dorm for KWDS because of the convenience, but I agree that a hotel is likely to be cheaper and more comfortable.  How about a Student Union on campus with a hotel at one end, a food court, several wooden-floored rooms to dance in, real dance studios a block away, as well as the usual sort of hotel meeting rooms?  The problem is that the hotel rooms are quite expensive, and we aren't likely to fill up a room block big enough to get much of a discount. They also charge for parking if you are not staying in the hotel.  I don't know yet what dorm rooms would cost. 


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Sorry for the delay.  We've been busy still this week (and I've been
asleep).  But we'll get you our numbers shortly.  I know we were around 140
pre-reg, although a few of those people were comped.  The pre-reg numbers
for our event seemed quite high though compared to expectations, but I think
that was due to a few factors:
1.  We were trying hard to push our advertising
2.  We were more centrally located  (should be good for yours potentially as
3.  Our wedding invited quite a few SCAdians (about 50), though many would
have come out regardless.

Oh, and for Residence, it sounds like we had around 68 people booked I
believe.  However, this will vary depending on local accomodations
availability  (also the hotels were mostly booked up for 4 person rooms),
and depending on prices.

I know that personally, this is the first time I've gotten a room on campus
for a KWDS.  It has Always been cheaper to split a hotel room 3 or 4 ways,
than to stay in res.  (ok, well, Boston I just stayed at people's houses.
But otherwise, in Texas there were 4 of us splitting a hotel, and in Seattle
there were 3 of us.  And in Australia, 6 of us booked a room in a hostel for
quite a good rate).

It isn't always a huge savings, but it is nice when local hotels can be
found.  We just had booking issues due to other Hamilton activities that

Anyway, I'll work on more notes and such, and provide anything I can.  :)
Oh, and for interest sake, here were the dimensions of Convocation Hall, so
you can compare for suitable hall requirements.  I think it was about right,
or could have been slightly bigger.

Stage:  22 ft wide x 24 ft deep
Main Floor:  40 ft wide x 67 ft long  (I believe this was approx. correct,
though a few feet may have been unusable on either end and sides for
chairs.  So something around 2400 sqft)
Under balcony:  40 ft wide x 15 ft long  (although this area just had
tables, and some storage, and some equipment, so it was only partially


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> Greetings from Trahaearn! Urraca wrote:
> would it be possible for previous autocrats to post total attendance and
> total number staying in dorms for the last two or three KWDS?
> For KWDS 2007 in Seattle:
> 62 US pre-reg, 6 CA pre-reg, 53 on-site registrations.
> 121 total attendees.
> We had 26 people on the dorm/meal plan.
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