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Mynydd Seren is Bloomington, Indiana, home of Indiana University.  It is an hour south of Indianapolis, which is a major transportation hub for both highways and airlines.  (There is an airport shuttle from Indy to campus that costs $25.)  By car, it is five hours or less from Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville, St. Louis, and Chicago.  Where are you, Deonna? Personally, I think it would be good, purely in terms of demographics, to have a KWDS in someplace east of the Mississippi, since that's where most of the dance-oriented Scadians are.

Sionnain has been looking at a hotel that she thinks would make a good site.  However, it has become clear that the dance community is not very enthusiastic about a hotel as a site. I would be looking at using facilities at Indiana University or perhaps Butler University in Indianapolis.

Having worked on both SCA events and SF cons, I still maintain that organizing a Known World event, with its emphasis on multiple tracks of classes is much more like an SF con than like a typical tourney-based SCA event.

A key factor for anyone bidding on hosting KWDS is projected attendance. would it be possible for previous autocrats to post total attendance and total number staying in dorms for the last two or three KWDS?


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Where is Mynydd Seren?  I'd very much like to set up a time at Pennsic where all those looking to host such an event for 2011 can get together and chat.  I heard plenty of rumor and even a bit of gentle persuasion but nothing firm.  I also have been toying with the idea of hosting a KWDS.  I am not a dance laurel and probably could not "win" the joy of hosting KWDS were there to be a dance off.  We could even perhaps have the next three penciled in to give time to the planners and share ideas from previous autocrats about potential sites. The atmosphere of that dance hall in Toronto beats the cold atmosphere of a modern convention center or hotel hands down.  I WANT the medieval moment.  Not only that but I for one, need to have a floor more friendly to old knees, so no, we are not the same as a SF convention.  

 As far as expense and travel, I'd be willing to start saving, scaling down the next two Pennsics, eat out less often and putting off next year's expected big trip if it meant celebrating my 31st wedding anniversary in Drachenwald in two years.

Just my 2 cents

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