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Mon Jul 6 12:04:39 EDT 2009

I would *really* prefer the next known world to be in the US, since a  
majority of us are still in this country. And KWD has been in Australia and  
Canada pretty recently, can we please stay with a US bid for the coming  
one? And consider Europe for after that?


On Jul 6, 2009 9:28am, Mary Railing <mrailing2 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Those who couldn't come missed a great event. I spent a lot of my time in  
> the "sit down" track getting geeky about things like step definitions and  
> reconstruction issues, but I also learned some country dances that I  
> could have learned at Terp (but missed the class there) and some German  
> dances I would never have seen, except by coming to this event. Since I  
> don't go to wars, one of the things that I like best about KWDS is being  
> able to see the hardcore people who will travel a thousand miles for a  
> dance event, as well as being able to meet people who are new to me.  
> (Some of the Canadians I talked to were astonished that people had come  
> from the far corners of the US for this.)

> For me, the "take home" thought was being reminded how different Caroso's  
> second book is from his first. I focus on Il Ballarino, so I tend to view  
> 16th century dance through that lens. Learning "Furioso all'Italiana"  
> which has essentially the same figures as the "Furioso" from Il Ballarino  
> that we know, but very different steps, really made it clear to me how  
> much the whole esthetic changed between the two books.

> One of the ideas that came out of a class discussion was the idea of  
> starting a separate online list for dance reconstruction as a Yahoo  
> group, so that it would be easy to post documents and pictures for people  
> to critique. The thought was that if there were a moderator who would  
> enforce house rules about constructive criticism and staying on topic and  
> approve new members (so we don't get spambots), then it would be a way  
> for people to get help with projects they are working on without  
> getting "bad AS judge" critiques. However, no one actually volunteered to  
> start such a list.

> I did announce that Mynydd Seren would like to host the next KWDS in  
> 2011. Since I had no specifics, I didn't give any. I said we'd been  
> looking at site possibilities, including a convention hotel. (One thing  
> that I did get out of conversations is that people would much rather have  
> the event on a campus with wooden-floored rooms, than in  
> carpet-over-concrete hotel ballrooms.) I did emphasize that we have  
> experience here running a Known World event, as well as running a large  
> kingdom event. I forgot to mention that I've also been on the concom for  
> SF conventions, which is a lot more like what KWDS is like, especially if  
> it ends up in a convention hotel, as we had discussed earlier.) The  
> concensus seemed to be that it would be better to wait until Pennsic to  
> talk to Queen Judith about whether Drachenwald is still planning a bid  
> for KWDS. (Apparently she couldn't come to both KWDS and Pennsic, and she  
> obviously couldn't skip Pennsic this year.) So I

> think that Mynydd Seren may need to find an envoy (Alan? Corwyn?) to make  
> our case at Pennsic, since neither Sionnain nor I go there.

> As for non-dance content, we had a big sparklers for the 4th of July and  
> sang the Star Spangled Banner and danced to My Country 'Tis of Thee.  
> Unlike IU where they try (ha! ha!) to keep alcohol off campus, McMaster  
> has a pub on campus where I ate the first night. The other two nights I  
> went to a place called the Snooty Fox, where they have genuine pub grub  
> like bangers & mash and yorkshire pudding that really tastes like pan  
> drippings. "Poutin" is french fries with gravy and cheese. Apparently  
> it's actually a Quebec thing, but it's a pub thing in Ontario, too.  
> Strongbow is good. A pint is enough to make Urraca woozy. The balls and  
> post-revels had leftover food from Darius and Lynette's wedding,  
> featuring PIES. (Guess who ate too much junk food ;))

> Thea, I have your copy of the proceedings, as well as the handout from  
> the German dance class, which wasn't in the proceedings.

> --Urraca

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