[SCA-Dance] Letter of Dance

Lisa Marx shusmarx at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 10 15:24:27 EST 2009

I had hoped to get a new edition of the Letter of Dance in the mail before the end of 2008...but I still don't have enough articles to fill one.  I know you guys are doing research and reconstruction out there!  How about sharing it with your collegues and fellow dancers?  

Those of you who are Laurels - got any apprentices that need encouraging to get their work out to the public?  The Letter of Dance is a great venue!

Articles can be sent to me at this email address.  Really long articles that can be broken into smaller chunks are also welcome.  I also accept announcements for large dance events such as kingdom or society-level dance collegia.

I also need a couple of deputies who travel to dance events, whose assignment would be to bring back information (including instructor contact info) from classes that might make good articles.  If you already go to classes at dance events, this might be a perfect job for you.  If you don't get out as much as you'd like, this would be a great excuse for doing it more! 

Please feel free to cross-post this announcement to other relevant lists.

Elisa von Sophey

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