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That's one possibility I've considered. But that still wouldn't explain the manuscript.

Within the one "peasant holiday" woodcut:
-three ladies are on the left, with the gentlemen's swords on the left hip between them (couples 1, 4, and 5)
-one lady is back-to-back with her partner (couple 2)
-one lady is in front of her partner, being lifted (couple 3)
-one lady is on the right (couple 6)
-one couple is embracing, and seems to be just outside the line of couples, so it's unclear whether they are part of the dance or of the bowling going on just behind them
-music is being provided by one piper and one horn, although they are a bit harder to see.

It's a pretty busy scene, and the dance is only a small section of the overall scene.  Looking back at the whole picture, there is writing within it, and the writing is turned the correct way, with more writing underneath, also going the correct direction.  It is credited to Johann Theodor de Bry, near the end of the 16th century.


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Do other things in the picture appear to be reversed?  It is not uncommon
for woodcuts to be mirror-imaged. Because of the printing process, one has
to cut the block reversed in order for the prints to read right, and this
wasn't always done if there was no lettering in the block.


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>One other interesting thing...in at least one of the drawings (though by
>far not commonly), the ladies are on the left, not the right.  The
>Nurnberg manuscript also places the ladies on the left.

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