[SCA-Dance] Pennsic Grand Ball (please forward)

judithsca at aol.com judithsca at aol.com
Thu Jul 3 10:28:11 EDT 2008

To all who read these words, may it be known that
the Grand Ball held in the town of Pennsic this
year shall be a Colour Ball in the tradition of
the Court of lord Phillip, Duke of Burgundy, 
Count of Charolais, etc., and that the colors 
shall be Gold and Red to create a resplendent 
ambience in the darkness of the evening. Don 
garments of one or both colors and come and
dance away the evening!

Your servant,

Judith, Lady of the Royal Court of Drachenwald,

Magistra Laurea

P.s. Red/gold attire is not mandatory! Please come and revel even if you do not have clothing in those colours!


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