[SCA-Dance] Modern Music for Renaissance Dances

Kirsten Garner kngarner at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 14 17:54:12 EST 2008

And I just realized that SCA-Dance is backwards from
every other list I'm on in reply functions.... let me
try this again.

Amoroso goes very well to "Who's Your Daddy?" by Toby
Keith. We refer to it as the "Amoroso Two-Step".

Rufty Tufty works well to "I'm a Barbie Girl" by Aqua
which, considering that Rufty Tufty really is
Playford-for-Idiots, is rather appropriate. :)

And, a good friend of mine once pointed out to me that
any ECD can be done to the tune of "Little Bunny Foo
Foo", so if you get everyone to sing it while they
dance, it's rather hysterical. :) 

--- Ben Cogan <donnghaile at gmail.com> wrote:

> Some ones that were popular in my neckl of the
> woods.
> Roam - B52s       works for Road to the Isles.
> Kiss - Love Gun    works for Jenny Pluck
> Pemmegranates (1 six couple
> variation on Jenny pluck pears)
> Boiled in Lead  has lots of "country songs from
> various countries."
> dance Korobushka to Rasputin
> dance john Tallis Cannon to Drowning
> and a few others.
> Brandubh
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