[SCA-Dance] Quadran Pavan

Janelle Durham janelyn at msn.com
Sun Feb 17 18:39:45 EST 2008

>* Do you mean to imply that you know exactly who introduced sideward
>singles into some historical versions of the English Quadran Pavan, and if
>so what is your source for this?

In the original manuscripts, there are sideways singles.
Rawl Poet. 108: ii singles and a duble Forward // ii singles syde | reprynce
SRO DD/WO55/7: 2 singles & one double forward, 2 singles side & a double
Harleian 367: To singles sides and a double forward. To singles sides & a
double backeward
Douce 280: Two singles syde, a double forward, 2 singles syde and a double
Inner Temple, vol 27: Two singles sides and a Double forwarde, two single
sides and a Double backe
RCM 119: Two singles sides and a double forwards, one single sides and a
double back
And, simplest of all
RCM 1119, fol 2: left right forwards left right backwards

Only Rawlinson D 864 doesn't mention sides


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