[SCA-Dance] Sca-dance Digest, Vol 28, Issue 13

Alex Clark alexbclark at pennswoods.net
Fri Feb 15 11:28:14 EST 2008

At 01:09 AM 2/13/2008 -0600, John-Michael Robinson wrote:
>The left and right parts were changes made by a group with a short dance
>hall.  Historicly the pavan was a processional, moving forward.  Though a
>90' turn could be made by steping back with one foot instead of forward.  My
>understanding is that all the other "Pavans" known in the SCA were created
>because people got bored with the basic pavan step.

I don't understand what you mean.
* Do you mean to imply that you know exactly who introduced sideward 
singles into some historical versions of the English Quadran Pavan, and if 
so what is your source for this?
* Where does your conclusion about the pavane "moving forward" come from, 
and do you mean moving forward throughout, or net forward movement?
* What do you mean about "90' turn" (and was that supposed to be "90 degree 
turn"?) and "back with one foot"? If that is supposed to refer to a 
/conversion/, it is not a clear or accurate description.
* Finally, what do you mean about "all the other 'Pavans'"? Did you mean to 
refer specifically to modern choreographies like Dolmetsch's pavan done to 
the Earl of Salisbury tune, or do you mean all pavanes that differ from the 
criteria that you had mentioned above?

Now if I may make some more general comments about your posting style--your 
meaning might be less unclear if you would quote what you are replying to. 
And you might not be given the third degree if you would put your thoughts 
in less bluntly opinionated terms.

Henry of Maldon/Alex Clark 

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