[SCA-Dance] Tempo and culture

White, John john.white at drexel.edu
Wed Feb 13 12:08:49 EST 2008

> From: rwalla at comcast.net
> 3/4, 4/4, or 6/4 tempo call for different types of steps to 
> fit the measure. Is what we call Italian the only culture to 
> have dances that aren't in 4/4?

There are the French galliards (and we know that the English did
these dances).

> Ah, but what about culture - did people from country A dance 
> to music from country B?

Are the Gresley dances English or Italian?  And of what (ultimate)
source is the music?

We know that the Italians did French bassedances (check out Basse

The French pretended to imitate the dances of other countries, though
I'm not sure that the music itself was very much of those other

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